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Buy Local

Supporting Your Local Economy

Buy Local

What does "Buy Local" mean to you? If it means supporting your local economy, that is exactly what you’re doing when you buy a Vermont Mutual Insurance Policy.

Policies from Vermont Mutual may only be purchased through your local, Independent Insurance Agent. Our network of over 800 independent agency offices allows our policyholders to obtain the highest level of customer service all while contributing to their local economy. Whether you’re looking to purchase insurance or need to file a claim, your independent agent is there for you.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Every Vermont Mutual policy is handled by an employee who lives and works in your area. Whether you live in Buffalo, NY; Boston, MA; or Providence, RI; when you purchase a Vermont Mutual insurance policy, you are working with a local independent agent who understands your community. Just like you, they care about their neighbors. And just like you, they also care about good service. Since 1828, Vermont Mutual policyholders have relied on their local agent for expert guidance and attentive service.

From Your Local Economy to Your State Economy

Insurance Journal reported on the positive effect independent insurance agents have on their local economy. While the report focused on Vermont, the results are not unique to the Green Mountain State.

“These phenomenal survey results show the significant economic contributions that Vermont’s independent agents make every day and how the communities where they live and work benefit,” said Mary Eversole, VIAA’s executive director. “Our members know their customers, provide good jobs with longevity, and, unlike direct writers, buy locally.”


Independent agents are also actively involved with their local charitable organizations. According to the VIAA, in a single year, Vermont independent agencies "contributed more than $1.7 million to charities, with an average of $18,729 per agency."


Studies have shown that purchasing from independent, locally-owned, businesses, significantly adds to one’s own local economy. From employing neighbors to contributing to their regional infrastructure through taxes, local businesses contribute in demonstrable ways to their local economy.