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Commercial Inland Marine

Commercial Inland Marine

All businesses have special needs. That’s a simple truth we’ve seen proven time and again over the past 185 years. In that time, we’ve also gained the strength and experience to address many of those needs with our Commercial Inland Marine product.

We can provide comprehensive coverage for businesses that require special insurance treatment such as builder’s risk (new construction or renovation projects) and contractor’s equipment. Below are just some of the unique forms of coverage:

  • Builder’s Risk: provides coverage for property in the process of construction, renovation or repair.
  • Contractor’s Equipment: provides coverage for your machinery, tools, and equipment. Also provides coverage for equipment that is loaned, leased, or rented to others.
  • Bailees: covers customer property that is in your possession.
  • Miscellaneous Articles: insured for property in all sizes, shapes, and forms.
  • Installation Floater: provides specific coverage for property or equipment to be installed and become a permanent part of a building.
  • Fine Arts: covers various types of fine art owned by companies whose primary business is not fine arts.
  • Trip Transit: provides coverage for a single shipment of goods from a point of origin to a destination.

To learn more about the many ways a Vermont Mutual Commercial Inland Marine policy can help protect your business, contact your local Independent Agent.